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PVC composite waterproof board coil

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1. From a conceptual point of view:

  PC (polycarbonate): It is a colorless, transparent, bright and beautiful plastic. Because PC is non-toxic and odorless, it has good ultraviolet transmission resistance, moisture-proof and fragrance-preserving performance, wide temperature resistance range, no brittleness at -180℃, and long-term use at 130℃, so it is an ideal food Packaging Materials.

  PET: A material with good crystallinity, colorless and transparent, and extremely tough. It has the appearance of glass, is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, flammable, has a yellow flame with a blue edge when burning, and has good air tightness.

  2. From the characteristics and usefulness:

  PC: It has the characteristics of good impact resistance and easy forming. It can be manufactured into bottles, cans and various forms of containers for packaging fluid substances such as beverages, alcohol, and milk. The disadvantage of PC is stress cracking. In addition to the selection of high-purity raw materials and strict control of various processing conditions in the production, the modification of resins with low internal stress, such as a small amount of polyolefin, nylon, polyester, etc., can be melt blended, which can significantly improve stress crack resistance and water resistance .

  PET: Small expansion coefficient, low molding shrinkage, only 0.2%, which is one tenth of polyolefin, smaller than PVC and nylon, so the product has stable dimensions. The mechanical strength is high-quality, and its expansion is similar to aluminum. The film strength is 9 times that of polyethylene, 3 times that of polycarbonate and nylon, and the impact strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary films. The film also has moisture-proof and fragrance-preserving properties. Although polyester has the above advantages, its film is more expensive, difficult to heat seal, and easy to be charged with static electricity, so it is rarely used alone. Most of them are coated with a resin with better heat sealability to make a composite film.

The current products are organic and polymer materials in the field of new materials. The products are widely used as packaging materials in the industries of electronic appliances, daily chemicals, medicines and food, clothing technology, hardware tools, etc. They are composed of automatic production lines and supporting facilities, and have a high degree of automation. It has obvious advantages in optimizing the industrial structure and improving the cost performance of products. The technological transformation project adopts advanced technology such as automatic blister forming and automatic online punching. It has the excellent characteristics of environmental protection, degradability, sanitation, high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent blister performance, and high impact strength. The products are divided into coils and plates. The finished coils are in rolls, which are mostly used for blister; the plates are flat sheets and are mostly used for drums and folding boxes.


Green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, and non-polluting; long-lasting plasticity, recyclable; stable size and color; long-term weather resistance, excellent UV resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance; good low temperature flexibility; free from fire Extinction; effective resistance to harmful chemical substances, industrial pollutants, and abrasion resistance; the joints are formed by hot air welding, which is firm and reliable, and has long-term weldability; the construction is convenient, and different construction techniques can be selected according to the base surface and the construction period; Good plasticity, suitable for detailed treatment; convenient maintenance and low cost; width 2 meters, less material construction loss; smooth surface, not easy to stain, easy to clean; conducive to water vapor diffusion (closed moisture can be discharged through the coil without Causes blisters); anti-ultraviolet and anti-solar radiation, meets the LEED certification requirements for green buildings, can be directly exposed for use without a protective layer; can be as long as 25 years or more reasonable service life



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