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PET color box

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The current products are organic and polymer materials in the field of new materials. The products are widely used as packaging materials in the industries of electronic appliances, daily chemicals, medicines and food, clothing technology, hardware tools, etc. They are composed of automatic production lines and supporting facilities, and have a high degree of automation. It has obvious advantages in optimizing the industrial structure and improving the cost performance of products. The technological transformation project adopts advanced technology such as automatic blister forming and automatic online punching. It has the excellent characteristics of environmental protection, degradability, sanitation, high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent blister performance, and high impact strength. The products are divided into coils and plates. The finished coils are in rolls, which are mostly used for blister; the plates are flat sheets and are mostly used for drums and folding boxes.

       PET sheet is a degradable environmentally friendly packaging material, the main raw material is polyester chips. We can also make the pet into a foam material with a special compression method at the same time, so that we will be filled with a lot of air between the two layers of material, and because this material is formed, its molecular structure becomes Very stable, so even after being hit by gravity or squeezed, it will not deform easily, so we can generally use it in the express delivery industry, which can play a good role in protecting express goods. And it can also be cut, and its toughness is very good, so we only need an ordinary cutting tool to process PET into any shape we want. For example, we can see this material everywhere on the booths of some companies.


Mainly used in blister, folding boxes, printing, windows, panels, advertising supplies, are widely used in food packaging, toy gift packaging, hardware tool packaging, advertising printing packaging, electronic product packaging, clothing templates, tag PET packaging boxes, etc.


Easy to process, degradable, high transparency, no water lines, stable performance, high strength, bright surface

Custom advantages:

1. Soft line stamping process

2. The product style is subject to customer requirements, and patterns can be provided

3. Use soft thread automatic bottoming process

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PET color box


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