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Different maintenance methods for PVC blister sheets are also different

2019-07-10 11:40:47


The effect of using PVC sheet is different, because PVC sheet is a relatively environmentally friendly material, so many products will take advantage of this feature, so there are many PVC sheets, such as pvc blister sheet is also one of them Kind of, we use many of our daily life basins, furniture, etc., in fact, many of them are made of pvc blister sheet, but the maintenance methods of PVC sheet for different purposes are different. Maintenance can extend their lifespan very well, let’s take a look!

PVC blister sheet products have different curing methods according to their main uses.

1. The curing method of PVC blister sheet for wooden floor, it needs to be scrubbed regularly. Use soft gauze for cleaning wipes, because this type of gauze has less friction, so it does little damage to the wooden floor pvc plastic sheet, and it is not easy to cause damage to the wooden floor. After scrubbing, open the windows and doors for ventilation to quickly evaporate the water on the wooden floor and achieve a quick-drying effect.

2. The external waterproof pvc blister sheet should pay special attention to shading treatment. According to relevant statistical data, the aging speed of waterproof pipe fittings is 3 times higher than that without light, and the use performance drops very quickly. Therefore, We should put a layer of sponge sheath on the outside, which can greatly extend the life.

3. The embedded waterproof pvc plastic sheet is sealed in cement concrete as much as possible. The basic principle of pvc plastic sheet aging is that oxygen is required. If we are sealed in cement concrete, all the air is blocked, so it is eliminated The oxygen condition of pvc blister sheet. We must first apply a layer of safety protection agent on the pipe fittings, and then seal them into the cement concrete wall.

These three are the different ways to use PVC blister sheets in the more common PVC sheets. After reading them, everyone should find that their maintenance methods are different! If you are concerned about APET sheet, PVC sheet, GAG If there is demand for sheets and ABS panels, you can directly contact us by phone!

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