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Introduction to the application fields of insulating PET sheet

2019-07-10 11:40:47

Common insulation materials for electrical insulation materials are: 3240 epoxy board, epoxy rod, epoxy tube, FR-4 board, SMC board, bakelite board, diphenyl ether board, organic silicon board, cold punching board, PC board, PC endurance board, PC sunshine board, acrylic board, plexiglass board, PVC board, POM board, PP board, mica board, insulating cardboard, fast paper, PB paper, red steel paper, cable paper, crepe paper, telephone Paper, composite paper, green shell paper, DMD/DM insulation paper, yellow wax tube, heat shrinkable tube, acrylic tube, self-extinguishing tube, alkali-free tape, white cloth tape, white yarn tape, R-type poly-jammed soft ester Tape, non-weft tape, yellow wax ribbon, F46 tape, polyester tape, PET polyester film, polyimide film, MC nylon board, PA6 nylon rod, insulating paint, solvent, thinner, industrial wool felt and other insulating materials and Engineering plastics.

   is widely used in textile, paper, food machinery, transportation, dock, medical, coal, chemical and other occupations. Bearings, guides, food processing machine heads, pistons, screw rolls and other food fixtures, parts, precision machine bearings, electrical insulating materials, etc.

   The primary performance index of PET sheet:

   specific gravity 1.39g/cm3

  Temperature resistance (continuous) 115°C

  Temperature resistance (short time) 160°C

   Linear thermal expansion coefficient (23-100°C average value) 60x10-6 m/(m.k)

   Combustibility (UL94) HB

   water absorption (23°C water immersion for 24 hours) 6%

   bending tensile stress 90MPa

   Tensile strain at break 15%

   Tensile modulus of elasticity 3700MPa

  -1% /2% of normal strain shrinkage stress 26/51MPa

   Pendulum notch impact test 2kJ/m2

PET sheet


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