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Introduction to the forming performance of PET extruded sheet

2019-07-10 11:40:47


1.The crystalline material of PET extruded sheet has low moisture absorption and is prone to melt fracture. It is easy to decompose in long-term contact with hot metal.

  2. Good fluidity, but the shrinkage range and shrinkage value are large, and shrinkage holes, dents, and deformation are easy to occur.

3. The cooling rate of PET extruded sheet is fast. The pouring system and cooling system should slowly dissipate heat, and pay attention to controlling the molding temperature. The direction of the low material temperature is obvious. It is especially obvious at low temperature and high pressure. When the mold temperature is lower than 50 degrees, the plastic parts will not Smooth, easy to produce poor welding, leaving marks, warping and deformation above 90 degrees

   4. The wall thickness of the PET extruded sheet must be uniform to avoid lack of glue and sharp corners to prevent stress concentration.

The PET extruded sheet is made of PP resin through the process of brewing, calendering, trimming, etc. It has light weight, bright and calm surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and electrical insulation. It can be made into beverage cups, food boxes and other daily necessities after thermoforming.

   There are quite a few types of PET extruded sheets. Among them, the most widely used is PET extruded sheet. So what are the characteristics of this type of glue that make it popular? Let me briefly analyze it below:

The PET extruded sheet product is a one-component new fully transparent solution glue. Its main function is to bond some transparent or white PVC plastic products. Because of its full transparency, it relieves the hard-to-stick transparent or white PVC. The problem of plastic products. At the same time, its emergence also solves the problem of plastic and metal, plastic and plastic, plastic and non-metal mutual adhesion or cross bonding.

  PET extruded sheet products have many advantages, such as room temperature curing, high bonding strength, easy operation, fast positioning, high elasticity, soft film, non-toxic cured products, etc. are all its advantages. At the same time, the PET extruded sheet also has excellent characteristics such as excellent heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and no whitening.

In addition, PVC special glue products have a wide range of uses. Not only can they be used for PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PS, PMMA, but also for sponge, nylon, film, metal, non-metal and other materials. Cross bonding.

PET sheet


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