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How about the plasticity of PET sheet

2019-07-10 11:40:47

The application of PET sheet in packaging operations has become more and more widespread. Because PET sheet is a very light packaging material, the use of this material for packaging will not increase the weight of the material. Compared with other packaging materials, it can reduce the The burden of packaging is very popular in packaging operations.

   This kind of sheet material also has excellent insulation properties and is relatively simple to process. It can be easily processed only by manual supervision of equipment processing. There is no cumbersome process, and it is more flexible, which can reduce many burdens of manufacturers. In addition to packaging operations, electronic operations also like this material very much. It is neither conductive nor fireproof, and has a wide range of applications.

PET sheet also has very good plasticity. In addition to its common and transparent styles, it can also process patterns on the PET sheet according to requirements, and it can also engrave the desired text. For example, a manufacturer is packaging its own products. When using this kind of packaging board, you can engrave your company's name on the board, which is both beautiful and can play a role in promoting the company.

Compared with many traditional packaging materials, PET sheets have many advantages. They are shiny, beautiful and generous, and they can maintain stable chemical functions when encountering some chemical reagents. However, some packaging materials cannot do this. It reacts with chemicals and then affects the beauty of the packaging and even the items inside. Therefore, PET sheet packaging materials should be vigorously promoted, which can promote the opening of many industries.

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