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Comparison of pvc sheet flooring and coiled flooring

2019-07-10 11:40:47

According to the shape, PVC floor is divided into two types: sheet and roll. According to the material, it is divided into two types: homogeneous body and composite body. In foreign PVC markets such as Japan and South Korea, sheet materials occupy most of the PVC flooring market with realistic three-dimensional impression and diversity of mosaics. PVC coils are only used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and other places with high requirements for seamless processing. In China, in the early 1990s, most of the PVC floor suppliers mainly promoted PVC coils for the purpose of hospitals, so the penetration rate of PVC coils in hospitals reached a considerable level. However, as the number of companies supplying PVC coils increases, many companies push coils to other places; such as offices, schools, kindergartens, specialty stores and other fields. After all, the products these businesses can provide are only PVC coils, and they understand better. PVC coil. In fact, environments such as offices, schools, factories, kindergartens, shopping malls, department stores, hotels, homes, etc. are more suitable for PVC sheet flooring. The main reasons are as follows;

1. Variety of parquet: the color of coiled floor is monotonous, there are many types of sheet flooring and the nature of the sheet is easy to parquet.

2. Cost of use: the loss of coiled material, especially in the process of parquet, is greater than that of sheet material. The final cost is high.

3. Post-maintenance: After the coiled floor is installed, it is not easy to replace. Sheet floor replacement is very convenient and the replacement cost is also very low.

4. Reality: The visual effect of coiled floor is far inferior to that of sheet material, especially the coiled floor of marble, wood, carpet, etc. has no sense of reality. In addition, coiled floor is afraid of burning cigarette butts, and the construction is more difficult than coiled materials. Disadvantages. Comprehensive comparison, sex

The price ratio is higher. In the future, domestic PVC sheet flooring will become the mainstream of the market.

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