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PVC transparent sheet forming technology and production application

2019-07-10 11:40:47

PVC transparent sheet is generally extruded with twin screws, its light transmittance is relatively high, and the surface is smooth and bright. It has good physical and mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and self-extinguishing properties. It can be widely used in food, medicine, clothing and other fields. This article mainly focuses on the selection of auxiliary materials, production process formulas, processing equipment and so on.

1. How to choose raw materials

The type and quality of the raw and auxiliary materials will have a direct impact on the processing performance and the final physical properties of the product.

1. PVC resin

The heat resistance of PVC resin is relatively poor, and its thermal melting temperature is relatively close to the decomposition temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a PVC resin with a loose suspension, an appropriate viscosity, and a relatively uniform particle size. The average molecular weight is basically the same, and PVC is easier to plasticize and can be molded in a shorter time. PVC resins that can meet the production requirements of PVC transparent sheets are generally SG-8 or TK-700.

2. Heat stabilizer

In order to be able to stabilize and capture the chlorine atoms on the carbon and chlorine in the PVC, it is necessary to use a heat stabilizer and reduce the generation of hydrogen chloride, so that it will not form a conjugated polyene structure, prevent further decomposition of PVC, and ensure the extrusion of PVC The processing is smooth and the service life of the product is prolonged. In addition to considering the thermal stability and compatibility of the resin, the thermal stabilizer must not affect the physical properties of the product, and it must also use the same or close to the resin's lighting rate. Generally, TM-181 or 17M0K is used.

3. Impact enhancer

Commonly used reinforcing agents for PVC transparent sheets are CPE, ABS, MBS, among which MBS is relatively good in terms of impact strength and transparency. This process uses B-22.

PVC sheet


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