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Introduction to the production process of PVC sheet used in medicine

2019-07-10 11:40:47

Medical PVC sheets need to be paid more attention to. Many medical packaging products use this kind of sheets, and relatively large amounts are used. In fact, the production process of medical PVC sheets is also based on It is made according to your own requirements, and the process of using products for different purposes will be more clear. Let’s follow Yangzhou Samsung Plastics Co., Ltd. to find out! Interested customers can take a look, and hope to let you know about PVC sheet products for medicine. More.

To produce medical PVC hard film, firstly, the main agent, curing agent and solution should be mixed and stored in a stainless steel barrel according to a certain ratio, and then fully stirred, and then added to the coating head glue tank, and then use the corona treatment machine to change The liquid surface tension of the PVC hard film is applied, and the adhesive is applied to the coating head, and the adhesive is baked in a warm air drying tunnel; then the PE film is treated in the same way, and then the two are combined cooling and winding. Then, the material rolls are stored at 50-60℃ for aging for 3-4 days, and then cut into a variety of products with different specifications with a dividing machine.

The production of PVC/PVDC composite sheets usually chooses the reverse gravure coating process. Each step is basically the same as the previous step. The main agent, curing agent and solution are mixed according to the ratio and then added to the coating head glue tank. When making PVC emulsion, first add lubricant additives to PVDC emulsion, add PVDC center tank after stirring, and then use pump to drive into its coating head. Use a corona treatment machine to change the surface tension of the PVC hard film, then apply adhesive, use warm air to bake, roll coated PVDC, and then use warm air to remove moisture, bake, cool, and wind. After applying several times until it exceeds the standard coating amount, the coated rolls are cured at a temperature of 50-60°C for 3-4 days, and then cut into various products with different specifications.

In fact, in general, regardless of the kind of process, we should pay more attention to it in production and use. Not all products we have the same method in production and use. The production and packaging requirements of PVC sheets for medical use It will be even higher. Clean and clean materials are a must. Do you need to order sheet products such as APET sheet, PVC sheet, GAG sheet, ABS sheet? If you need it, call it!

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