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PVC sheet material

2019-07-10 11:40:47

PVC sheet is a common material, and it is also a material that can be used frequently. PVC material is very convenient to use and can also bring a very good decorative effect. Therefore, when PVC manufacturers are producing PVC sheets, they must pay attention to some aspects of knowledge, especially the quality issues that require our attention. Let’s listen to the introduction of Yangzhou Samsung Plastic Co., Ltd. Everyone can take a look.

PVC has the following characteristics:

1. The surface of PVC is rough and not shiny. The working surface of the three-roller is rough and there is no sticky material. It should be cleaned and the surface should be polished so that the three-roller working surface can achieve a smooth effect. The temperature of the roller surface of the calender is low, and sometimes it is necessary to increase the temperature of the three rollers appropriately. The surface of the die lip is not very smooth, it should be cleaned. If the filter is broken, we need to replace it with a new one.

2. The surface of the PVC sheet has horizontal stripes. If the materials are not uniformly mixed, it will cause a certain amount of extrusion and cause fluctuations in the materials. Therefore, the materials should be uniformly mixed and the extrusion machine should be adjusted. Parameters, this will make the material inside plasticize well, so that the extrusion volume can be uniform. The temperature inside the barrel will have relatively large fluctuations, so it is necessary to check regularly and adjust the temperature control system of the barrel to ensure accurate temperature control.

3. The deviation of the longitudinal thickness of the PVC sheet is relatively large, and the control of the barrel temperature is not stable, which will cause the flow rate of the melt to be unstable. So we need to adjust the temperature of the barrel and let it stabilize. If the screw speed is not very stable, the amount of extrusion will be unstable. The process parameters of the extrusion machine should be adjusted to make him stable. When the rotation speed of the rollers in the three-roll calender is unstable, the rotation speed of the three-roll calender should be adjusted.

PVC sheet


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