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Performance of PVC sheet and thermoformed products

2019-07-10 11:40:47

PVC sheet has excellent comprehensive performance, relatively low price, and outstanding thermoforming performance. It is one of various plastic sheets with good thermoforming performance. Among them, rigid PVC sheet is an excellent packaging material, with excellent transparency and gloss, suitable impact strength, suitable hardness and rigidity, suitable for heat resistance, cold resistance, and weather resistance, good molding processability and continuous molding, and printing performance Good, good coloring performance, good chemical stability, good barrier performance, non-toxic, odorless, resistant to mold and bacteria, and low price.

    PVC thermoformed products, due to the large variability of the PVC raw material formula, its performance can be adjusted within a certain range by changing the formula to adapt to the packaging of food, medicine, daily products, and many chemical products and other commodity packaging and their various uses. need. Especially PVC packaging containers, such as cups, plates, plates, boxes, etc., have a series of properties, such as transparency, sanitation, oil resistance, barrier properties, necessary heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

    At present, in the packaging field, rigid PVC sheet has become an important packaging material, used for packaging of clothing and other textiles, 0.5~0.8mm transparent rigid PVC sheet can be used to make convex cover packaging, which has excellent moisture resistance , Anti-mildew; used for the packaging of small department stores and daily-use groceries, mostly using stereotyped bottom box packaging; used for food packaging, generally use 0.1 ~ 0.3mm thick transparent film, packaging juicy fish, meat, eggs , Butter, ketchup, pickled vegetables and candies, biscuits, etc.; it can also be used for packaging of chemicals and medicines, packaging of precision instruments and industrial materials.

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