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Production technology and cost analysis of PVC

2019-07-10 11:40:47


There are two main preparation processes for the production of PVC, one is the calcium carbide method, the main production raw materials are calcium carbide, coal and crude salt; the second is the ethylene method, the main raw material is petroleum. The production of PVC in the international market is mainly based on the ethylene method. However, domestically, due to the resource endowment of rich coal, poor oil and low gas, it is mainly based on the calcium carbide method. As of December 2007, the calcium carbide method accounts for about China’s PVC More than 70% of the total production capacity.

It is worth noting that in the preparation of PVC by the calcium carbide method, hydrogen chloride is used to produce PVC after the original salt is electrolyzed, and the remaining sodium is used to produce caustic soda. Therefore, there is actually a symbiotic relationship between chlorine and alkali, and the balance of chlor-alkali is also necessary in the development of the entire industry. Important factors not considered.

   2. Cost analysis   Analyzed from the perspective of production costs, the costs of the two processes are quite different in different economic development cycles. Under normal circumstances, in the rapid development stage of the international macroeconomics, due to the high oil price and the higher production cost of the ethylene method, the cost advantage of the calcium carbide method is obvious; and once the international economy enters a recession, the oil price will operate at a low level, and the calcium carbide method will have higher energy consumption. , The prices of coal, electricity, oil and transportation are supported, and the cost advantage disappears. Since 2003, the international oil price has risen sharply, which has increased the cost of ethylene-based PVC, while the production of calcium carbide has been less affected. This has led to a new round of construction of domestic calcium carbide-based PVC production equipment, which has greatly expanded the production capacity of calcium carbide-based PVC. , It poses a great challenge to PVC production by ethylene method, and many ethylene method enterprises are on the verge of loss. However, with the continued downward adjustment of crude oil prices after May 2013, the cost advantage of the ethylene method is obvious, and the calcium carbide method manufacturers are operating at meager profits, or even unsustainable.

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