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What are the factors related to the transparency of pvc transparent material?

2019-07-10 11:40:47


The transparency of PVC transparent material should be very clear under normal circumstances, and the visibility and field of vision are very good. Then the transparency of some PVC transparent materials is not good, and even other colors are mixed. What factors cause the transparency of PVC transparent materials Is it affected?

1. Silver streak: Affected by the anisotropy of internal stress during the mold filling and condensation process, the stress generated in the vertical direction causes the resin to flow upward orientation, and the refractive index is different from the non-flow orientation. After expansion, the product may crack. The product is annealed, such as pvc transparent material can be heated to above 160℃ for 3-5 minutes, and then cooled naturally;

2. Bubbles: The water vapor and other gases in the resin cannot be discharged (during the mold condensation process), or due to insufficient mold filling, the condensation surface condenses too quickly to form a "vacuum bubble";

3. Poor surface gloss: Mainly due to the large roughness of the mold, on the other hand, premature condensation makes the resin unable to copy the state of the mold surface, all of which make the surface produce small irregularities and make the product lose its gloss;

4. Shock pattern: refers to the dense ripples formed from the straight gate as the center. The reason is that the melt viscosity is too large, and the front end material has condensed in the cavity, and then the material breaks through the condensation surface, causing the surface to appear shock lines;

5. Whitening and haze: Mainly caused by dust falling into the raw materials in the air or the raw materials have too much water content.

6. White smoke and black spots: mainly formed by the decomposition or deterioration of the resin of the barrel due to the partial overheating of the transparent PVC material in the barrel.

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