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PET anti-fog film

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The current products are organic and polymer materials in the field of new materials. The products are widely used as packaging materials in the industries of electronic appliances, daily chemicals, medicines and food, clothing technology, hardware tools, etc. They are composed of automatic production lines and supporting facilities, and have a high degree of automation. It has obvious advantages in optimizing the industrial structure and improving the cost performance of products. The technological transformation project adopts advanced technology such as automatic blister forming and automatic online punching. It has the excellent characteristics of environmental protection, degradability, sanitation, high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent blister performance, and high impact strength. The products are divided into coils and plates. The finished coils are in rolls, which are mostly used for blister; the plates are flat sheets and are mostly used for drums and folding boxes.

PET anti-fog sheet (polyethylene terephthalate) sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material with high gloss, high transparency, excellent barrier resistance, fragrance retention, and freshness. The product has no stress whitening, resistance to folding, chemical corrosion, and low temperature embrittlement. Widely used in visual packaging in food, medicine, and electronic devices, it contains the third-generation anti-fog fresh-keeping masterbatch, which can be used not only for storage and transportation of products at room temperature, but also under cold storage conditions (such as refrigerators and cold storage) ) Preservation of vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. Eliminates the general anti-fog masterbatch's unsatisfactory anti-fog effect when it is close to zero. This product is more effective in the field of medical materials than in the field of food packaging. It is a domestic company that adds anti-fog particles to produce anti-fog sheets.

      Due to the relatively large number of "cottage" anti-fog sheets on the market recently, most of them are coated with anti-fog syrups in the market. In addition to affecting the transparency of the surface, the sheets applied with anti-fog syrup have some "cottages" in terms of time effect. Manufacturers or distributors are also exaggerating the effect, causing major losses to some consumers. Therefore, I would like to remind our customers and friends to be cautious when choosing anti-fog sheets. Avoid bringing you unnecessary losses.

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PET anti-fog film


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