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PVC black and white light film

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PVC light white sheet is a kind of PVC sheet, which can be divided into light sheet and film sheet, which are mainly used in electronics, folding boxes, blister, musical instruments, building materials, tools, etc.

Product features of PVC light white film:

1. The thickness of the product can be adjusted and processed according to different needs;

2. The thickness of the sheet of the same specification is the same in all positions;

3. The product has high brightness, good clarity, and no impurities inside;

4. It has the properties of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and not easy to aging;

5. During use or processing, the product has a fast heat-sealing degree and strong plasticity;

6. Rich colors.

The density of PVC light white sheet is 1.35-1.4g/cm³, and the light transmittance is more than 88% when d≤3mm. The product has the characteristics of high transparency, no crystal points, no flow pattern, etc., and it will not break under the impact of falling hammer.

Width: 1600mm, thickness range: 0.05mm-6mm.

The current products are organic and polymer materials in the field of new materials. The products are widely used as packaging materials in the industries of electronic appliances, daily chemicals, medicines and food, clothing technology, hardware tools, etc. They are composed of automatic production lines and supporting facilities, and have a high degree of automation. It has obvious advantages in optimizing the industrial structure and improving the cost performance of products. The technological transformation project adopts advanced technology such as automatic blister forming and automatic online punching. It has the excellent characteristics of environmental protection, degradability, sanitation, high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent blister performance, and high impact strength. The products are divided into coils and plates. The finished coils are in rolls, which are mostly used for blister; the plates are flat sheets and are mostly used for drums and folding boxes.

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PVC black and white light film


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