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PVC packing box

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The production of PVC packaging boxes

1. Select the style of the packaging box.

2. Select the printing method for the box body that needs it. You can print from the inside or from the outside.

3. Deal with the result of the box body. It should not be too deep to cause breakage, and if it is too shallow, it will not be formed during bending.

4. Glue the box body. In the process of bonding, pay attention to the amount of colloid and apply it evenly to avoid the case from being scattered during use due to too little glue.

Advantages of PVC packaging boxes

1. Visibility: Most of the products use a new generation of fully transparent raw materials, so that it is easy to directly display opportunities for their products and improve the appearance of the products;

Second, benefit: Folding box products will have an easy advantage in comparison with other types of outer packaging products in terms of production costs and production efficiency, and their cost-effectiveness is relatively high;

3. Ease of use: The outer packaging of the folding box is selected, which is easy to assemble, which guarantees great convenience for the outer packaging of your finished products. Whether it is small batch production or coming out of the cabinet, it contributes a lot to production efficiency;

Fourth, fashion: The surface of the PVC packaging box can be directly processed by screen printing, offset printing, etc., and the company logo and other patterns can be printed, which best shows the charm of the product, and more directly and effectively creates the product image and enhances the product addition Value, it can be called a modern and trendy outer packaging method that leads the fashion trend of outer packaging.

Application of PVC packaging box

It can be used to wrap gifts, store items, and package delicate foods or items. It can be used to hold food, medicine, etc., it can also be used to hold delicate instruments, and it can also be used to hold relatively fragmented small items. Promotional packaging bags, exquisite gift boxes, etc.

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PVC packing box



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