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Yangzhou Sanxing Plastics Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful historical and cultural city---Yangzhou. In the Hangji Industrial Park of the provincial economic development zone, adjacent to the Ningtong Expressway, the traffic is convenient and smooth.

    The current products are organic and polymer materials in the field of new materials. The products are widely used as packaging materials in the industries of electronic appliances, daily chemicals, medicines and food, clothing technology, hardware tools, etc. They are composed of automatic production lines and supporting facilities, and have a high degree of automation. It has obvious advantages in optimizing the industrial structure and improving the cost performance of products. The technological transformation project adopts advanced technology such as automatic blister forming and automatic online punching. It has the excellent characteristics of environmental protection, degradability, sanitation, high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent blister performance, and high impact strength. The products are divided into coils and plates. The finished coils are in rolls, which are mostly used for blister; the plates are flat sheets and are mostly used for drums and folding boxes. At present, the products are exported to Europe, Central America and other countries, and are committed to standard building and brand cultivation of excellent polymer packaging materials suppliers.

    The purpose of the enterprise is to "focus on the market, develop the industry with science and technology, build a brand, and service first". In line with this purpose, the company has established a corporate standardization system with technological innovation as the core and operating standards as the basis, formulated two corporate standards, and fully passed the ISO9001 quality certification system. There are 120 employees, including 23 scientific and technical personnel specializing in new product development and production process development (18% of employees). In the past three years, 13 projects have been established and 13 scientific research results have been obtained, and utility model patents have been authorized 10 It has declared 5 invention patents, 3 of which have been authorized, and 1 has also entered the effective stage of substantive examination. It has obtained 13 high-tech product certification certificates in Jiangsu Province and is a national high-tech enterprise.

    Through cooperation with universities in research and development, talent recruitment, company training and other measures, the company has established a united and efficient research and development team, and gradually accumulated the core competitiveness of comprehensive technical solutions in the field of new materials, and shaped it in the field of new materials Developed its own brand image of "Samsung" with conscientious focus and comprehensive technology. In 2003, the company purchased about 40,000 square meters of land in Hangji Industrial Park, a provincial economic development zone, and built new factories, mainly including more than 10,000 square meters of PVC calendering process workshop and PET extrusion process workshop, as well as electric room, boiler room, Ancillary facilities such as office buildings, canteens and dormitories. At the end of 2005, the company moved from the original factory to the current factory and officially settled in Hangji Industrial Park, a provincial economic development zone. The company also carried out a series of transformations in accordance with market demand. Ensure the smooth progress of product development and production. The manufacturing capacity of production equipment has been greatly improved, and the work efficiency has also been further improved, saving labor, improving product quality and grade, and providing strong logistics support for future sales in the market.

    The company was founded to continuously absorb the cutting-edge industrial technology of the world packaging material industry, keep pace with the times, continue to innovate and forge ahead. Under the leadership of the chairman of the board Mr. Dong Naibiao, it has a reasonable marketing network, which has created an elite sales team with well-trained, experienced and pioneering spirit. Existing customers are mainly Fortune 500 companies Colgate, Holly Chemicals, Jiangsu Yanghe, etc. The company signs long-term sales intention contracts with these customers, and guarantees the sales budget at the beginning of the year every year. The company has the right to export independently, and the products are currently exported to Europe, Central America and other countries.


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